Rolfing? what is that, how do you eat that, what does it do .........

Hi everyone!!

Well first if you are reading this thank you, I hope it helps you as much as it does with me and with many other people who practice it.

if you are one of them fantastic! Because you know what I'm talking about and you can also tell us about your experience below, to help more people on this planet to be more aware of our movements, energy, and recover the natural balance of our body, taking into account the force exerted by the gravity on us.

But hey, it is Rolfing for me: it is like colored serum, it is injecting us with love like insulin and giving us vitamins of affection to love us more, also and not least it takes away all those intense pains that do not go away with traditional medicine or that there to wait a long time for it to really work and sometimes it doesn't work.

It makes me love me more, have more interest, curiosity about life,

for feeling, for experiencing and allowing it.

Rolfing is simply returning the body to state 0 "balance", without bad posture, respiratory efficiency, rejuvenated ... etc

But according to experts, what is Rolfing? #rolfingbysofie Rolfing in a nutshell

Rolfing's first goal is actually to bring everything back to where it belongs anatomically and from there to store a new movement pattern.

The primary goal of work is balance. A Rolfer strives for equal tissue tension in all dimensions: front, back, in between, and from top to bottom. And there is another important balance: the balance between the deepest layers, close to the bones (our skeleton) and the more superficial layers, closer to our skin, with everything in between.

Rolfing is unique in this, and working on this balance largely determines the peace of mind of the body.

When we move, we actually do that with our entire body. Even before you make a movement effective, your body will already use other muscles to stay in balance (pre-movement). That is precisely why a Rolfer does not focus on a "problem zone" (although the Rolfer does keep it in the back of his mind).

In the event of an injury, for example, the adaptation mechanism of our connective tissue contracts and retains. It looks for stability and the local stress makes the connective tissue thicken. It attaches itself, attaches itself to nearby structures. We all know the consequence of this: less freedom of movement, pain and overload of those other structures that are dragged along in a movement for which they are actually not intended. For example, we use much more energy than necessary, we make things difficult for ourselves and we are tired or in pain more quickly.

A Rolfer reverses the process. With the 10 session cycle, in which the Rolfer treats the whole body in a precise way with a special form of manipulation, movement becomes more economical and easier again.

A psychological trauma can also attach itself to somewhere in the physical body. Such a trauma can somewhere entail a flexion, a 'holding'. A Rolfing treatment can therefore sometimes entail emotional release. You open, you let go. This aspect can also play a role in working towards balance.

Quite simply, space is created so that your body has the opportunity to restructure towards more efficiency and economic movement in gravity. We are going to move with gravity instead of against it. The energy can flow freely from bottom to top and from top to bottom, the river can flow in all directions.

Rolfing can and does get more intense; however, many of us generally describe it as a "good" pain. It is important that the Rolfing masseur knows how much intensity the client's nervous system can accommodate

Regardless of what you're looking for, the experience differs quite a bit from massage, but it still feels good for the most part. Furthermore, each intervention has a purpose, structural or relational, it is not random.

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